Technology Experience


All Braineo web development and technology implementations are supervised by Craig Preston and Robert Joseph, PhD. Both Craig and Robert are software engineers and programmers, with significant experience in the following platforms:

Programming Languages

C, C++, Java, PHP, ActiveX, ASP.NET, JSP, PowerBuilder, Perl, Python, Javascript, XML, HTML, Visual Basic, Lisp, Pascal, Smalltalk, Forth, Fortran, Assembly, LotusScript, UML, SDL, SADT


SQL Databases, Filemaker Pro, MySQL, Oracle, Access, DB2, Illustra

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Dos, Unix, Linux, VMS, Next, Symbolics OS

Productivity Tools

QuickBooks, Visio, Inspiration, Excel, SiteScope, MapInfo

Collaborative Tools

Lotus Notes, Domino Server, Notes Pump, Frontier, Microsoft Project Server, Crystal Reports